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Veg Prep Machines
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Dynamic Manual Salad Spinner With Sealed Lid 20Ltr
Capacity: 20Ltr. HACCP compliant sealed cover. Model: E20 SC.
£142.45 ex vat
Dynamic Dynacoupe Manual Slicer and Shredder
Can be used with any blade set. Model: DDC.
£157.89 ex vat
Tellier Potato Chipper
Supplied with 10 mm die and pusher

£325.46 ex vat
Buffalo Continuous Veg Prep Machine
550W. Blades sold separately
£374.94 ex vat
Dynamic Cutter Bowl
For CF009 & AD281. Model: AC055.
£408.94 ex vat
Buffalo S547 Multi Function Continuous Veg Prep Machine and 4 Free Discs
Key Features
Output 300kg/hr
Power Type 550W
2 x graters and 2 x slicing discs included included
£502.94 ex vat
Santos K308 Veg Prep Machine
Single speed 1000rpm motor
Supplied with 3 mm slicing disc, 3 mm grating disc and 8 x 8 mm french fry disc
£599.93 ex vat
Pantheon VPM - Vegetable preperation Machine
235 mm x 480 mm x 490 mm mm (HxWxD)
£634.87 ex vat