Terms & Conditions

wechillit.com Ltd

The Company

Provision of the Services: The Company only agrees to sell goods to B2B (commercial/business/trade) customers. Goods are not intended for Consumers (person who purchases goods and services for personal use). Warranties displayed on the website are intended for commercial use only (unless stated).

1. Title

For a Contract to take place an offer must be made by the offeree. When an offer is made to the offerer, it may (1) lapse; (2) be rejected; or (3) be revoked prior to acceptance [subject to any conditions attached to the offer]; or (4) a counteroffer may be made, which automatically rejects the offer preceding it. Acceptance of an offer, by means of accepting and processing money [unless otherwise agreed] creates a legally binding contract provided that any persisting prerequisites are satisfied.

All goods remains with the Company until all monies payable in accordance with the invoice have been paid. Invoice discrepancies must be reported immediately and in any event within seven days of the invoice date. Failing this the invoice remains payable without change.

2. Acceptance of Goods

The buyer will be taken to have accepted the goods where a delivery note is endorsed that delivery has been made in good condition or in other case of no delivery note being presented after the expiry of two working days during which period the buyer has a reasonable opportunity of inspecting the goods.

Goods must be inspected prior to the delivery company leaving.

a) Damages : Any damages found must be reported in detail on the delivery note and reported to The Company whilst the delivery company are still on site. Any damages reported after the delivery company have left the site are not accepted unless the delivery note clearly identifies the damages.

b) Non Conformity: Any reason (other than damages) why the goods do not conform to the contract must be notified to The Company in writing forthwith and in any event within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Failing which the buyer will have no further right to reject the goods.

Note: It is the customers responsibility for any person accepting goods on their behalf to comply with The Companies Acceptance of Goods (Clause 2. 2a and 2b) and Deliveries process (Clause 3.)

3. Deliveries

The Company can arrange delivery on behalf of the buyer by express or economic delivery throughout the UK mainland but The Company cannot be held responsible for delays. Estimated delivery times are not guaranteed. Delivery does not include unpacking, positioning or start-up. Claims for damage must be made in writing within two days and will not be accepted unless the delivery note is endorsed by the recipient stating the goods were damaged on receipt (See Clause 2a ). Delivery notes endorsed \"not examined\" or similar will not be accepted. Packing material and damaged goods must be retained and produced for inspection if required by the Company or insurer. Delivery charges to Europe or the rest of the world can be advised by e-mail.

4. Time of Delivery

Delivery takes place as soon as the product is passed to the carrier and in the event of cancellation after delivery the buyer shall pay a restocking charge.

5. Payment

Where payment has not been made in full before delivery it must be received within 14 days unless a credit application has been accepted when payment must be made within 30 days or the invoice date. Late payments will render the buyer liable to pay collection costs, compensation and interest at the rate of 8% per day on the unpaid amount from the invoice date until payment is received.

6. Warranties

The Company makes no warranties with respect to the equipment. Any warranties, expressed or implied including but not limited to warranties as to quality, except as may be offered by the manufacturer are specifically excluded. The Buyer has been advised where details of any manufacturers warranty are available and accepts responsibility for checking the terms of any warranties given. Parts are sold with parts only warranty unless agreed in writing by the Company. Quotations for labour warranties may be available upon request and labour warranties must be specifically confirmed in writing by a Director of the Company. Warranties are void where installation of equipment was carried out by any person other than the Company or an Agent of the Company. Products found to be not of a reasonable quality upon delivery or found faulty within the manufacturers warranty period shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Company. A charge will be made for replacement parts supplied for a warranty repair if the faulty part is not returned. Non warranty service calls are chargeable to include an administration fee.

7. Returns Policy

It is the responsibility of the customers to ensure that they order the correct product for their requirements. Product listings indicate product numbers to enable the customer to contact the manufacturers for specific information.

8. Refunds

When an order is cancelled the following policies apply:
(a) Cancellation where delivery has taken place in accordance with clause 4 above a restocking fee of 30% of the original invoice value will be payable, plus any credit/paypal charges (see below)
(b) Cancellation before delivery has taken place a full refund will be paid less the charge of 2.64% where the invoice was paid by credit card, 3.5% for paypal payments.
(c) Cancellation after receipt of goods by the customer and no fault is found with the goods a restocking charge of 25% of the invoice value will be payable in addition to a collection charge and a charge of 2.64% where payment of the invoice was made by credit card,3.5% for paypal payments.
(d)  Refunds on return goods can only be issued once products have been return to the warehouses and inspected.  It is the buyers responsibility the ensure the goods are packaged securely and returned in good condition.
(e)  All refunds comply with the Anti Money Laundering Policy.

9. Offers & Discounts

The Company, at its own discretion, may provide discount codes:
(a) offering monies off particular product(s) or
(b) a gift when purchasing a product.
(c) Price Match - The company will price match products at their discretion. Price matching applies where proof of a lower price is supplied. Price matching will apply only to the day of advising (unless confirmed in writing). The company can refuse to price match and withdraw prices at any time.
Any discounts or offers may only be redeemed against the product advised and non transferable. One discount code may be redeemed per sale. Discount codes operate on a timed expiry dates, any codes presented after the expiry date will be void. Discount codes are provided at the discretion of wechillit. Any gifts will be delivered separately to the product purchased. Gifts are non returnable. Refunds will incorporate the deduction of any gifts received, to include post and packaging. Discount codes are not available with any other offer.

10. Forum

By taking part in the wechillit forum you adhere to these terms. Additional terms apply to the forum - These terms are found at the base of the forum.

11. Limitation of Liability

(a) No liability is assumed by the Company for damages and/or injury resulting from the use of products supplied by the Company.
(b) In no event will the Company be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever direct or indirect or consequential of whatever nature arising out of any defect in any goods sold unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligent act or omission or wilful default of the company.

12. General

(a) All prices and specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice. Zero value items are not for sale, they are awaiting the latest price adjustments -call for info. All prices exclude VAT.
(b) The Buyers hereby agree that if any of the above terms or conditions conflict with any term or condition or provision in the Buyers Conditions of Purchase (if any) the Companys Conditions of Sale shall prevail in the event of any dispute unless specifically hereafter agreed in writing by a Director of the Company.