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PME Plastic Side Scraper
Size: 337(W)mm. Material: Thermoplastic
PME Cake Box 10in
For use with 8" cake board
£1.42 £1.43
PME Cake Box 12in
For use with 12" cake board
£1.63 £1.65
PME Cake Box 14in
For use with 14" cake board
£1.96 £1.98
PME Lollipop Sticks
Pack of 35. Colour: White. Size: 160mm
PME Petal Piping Nozzle 17mm
#123 Carded Large
PME Easily Visible Hollow Pillars
Pack of 4
£1.97 £2.19
PME Bamboo Dowel Rods
Pack of 12. Material: Bamboo
PME Cake Leveller
Blade Length: 12"
£2.67 £2.97
PME Rolling Pin Guide Rings Small
For 1(Dia)" Rolling Pin. Set of 3
PME Brush and Fine Pen Black
Refillable. Colour: Black. Includes ink
PME Rolling Pin Guide Rings Large
For 1.75(Dia)" Rolling Pin. Set of 3
PME Edible Glaze Spray
Colour: Clear. 100ml
PME Edible Lustre Spray Pearl
Colour: Pearl
£7.43 £8.25
PME Round Cake Pan
Size: 102(H) x 230(Dia)mm
PME Release-a-Cake Spray
Releasing agent. 600ml
PME Paste Colours Set
Set of 8 25g Pots. Colour: Various
PME Rectangle Cake Pan
Size: 101(H) x 381(W) x 254(D)mm. Material: Anodised aluminium