Maestrowave MBM3WT Bain Marie with drain tap

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Key Features
330 x 540 x 270 mm (WxDxH)
Wet Heat
4 x 1/4 GN
1 Year Set Guarantee
Key Features
330 x 540 x 270 mm (WxDxH)
Wet Heat
4 x 1/4 GN
1 Year Set Guarantee
What better way to display and serve hot foods than the Maestrowave gastronrom bain marie .Ideal for holding precooked food at a ready to serve temperature. Manufactured in the UK.
Manufacturer :Maestrowave
Model Reference :MBM3WT
Heat Source :Wet
Capacity :3 x 1/3 GN
Dimensions:330 mm wide x 540 mm deep x 270 mm High
Power - Kwh/24h:
Power Supply:13 amp plug
Max Container Depth (mm):

Stainless steel
3 x 1/3 GN Containers 150mm deep
Silicone element
Wet Heat
Drain tap for easy water drainage
Ideal for dry foods such as potatoes or meat
External Dimensions: 330 W 540 D 270 H
Exchange Warranty


What is a Bain Marie?
A bain marie, also known as a water bath or double boiler, a type of heated bath, is used to gently and gradually heat cooking products to a fixed temperature, or to keep food products warm over a period of time.
To use most bain maries, turn the heat to maximum for approximately 20 mins then turn the heat to the desired setting. In the case of a wet bain marie add water to a depth of 10 mm around the base of the gastronorm or pot. Add the hot food to the containers. Ensure the water level remains topped up and change the water regularly, do not allow the appliance to boil dry.
What is a Dry Heat Bain Marie?
Dry heat bain maries work similar to standard ovens, either thermostatically or manually. It tends to use less energy than moist heat, although it heats less quickly. If you plan on moving the container, often dry heat holding and warming equipment may be a better option because there is no risk of spillage.
Holding items with long cook times, such as stews or potatoes. These items can be placed in the holding equipment while hot for service.
Warming or reheating foods such as breads, pastries and soups.
Heating plates and bowls.
As self-service units.
What is a Wet Heat Bain Marie?
Moist heat comes from humidifiers in the equipment that release a small amount of moisture into the holding area. They prevent items from drying out without making the food soggy. Moist heat tends to use more energy, but heats up faster.
Works well for any type of product.
Items high in moisture or fat may not do as well in a moist heat environment.
Humidifiers vary from a built-in water trough to automatic atmospheric controls.
Water trough humidifiers allow water vapors to be released in the cabinet providing moisture.
More sophisticated humidifiers have atmospheric and temperature controls so you can adjust the amount of moisture and heat for different products
On a wet heat bain marie a drainage tap is useful for ease of cleaning.


Standard Delivery Costs :FREE UK Mainland
Standard Delivery Timescale:
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Guarantee :1 Year Set Guarantee
Parts Guarantee:1 year included
Labour Guarantee :1 year included
  • Product Code:
  • Type:
    Bain Marie - Gastronorm
  • HeatSource:
    Wet Heat
  • Power:
    13 Amp
  • Labour Guarantee:
    1 Year included
  • Standard Delivery:
    2 - 5 working days - postcode dependent
Leasing Info

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Tax Relief Example Leasing V Upfront Purchase
1st 18% of £1,000.00 = £180.00     
Less 20% = £36.00
1st 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22
£1000 - £180 allowance = £820
18% of £820.00 = £147.60

Less 20% = £29.52
2nd 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22
£820 - £147.60 allowance = £672.40
18% of £672.40 = £121.03

Less 20% = £24.21
3rd 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22


 Calculations Based On:

Equipment Price               £1000.00 plus VAT

Lease Term                     36 Months

Company’s Tax Rate       20% 

The above is an example, we recommend you speak direct to your own accountant regarding calculating your tax benefits.

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