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Lincat Silverlink 600 DF36 Electric 6 Kw Single Fryer

Key Features
300 x 600 x 335 mm (WxDxH)
Next Working Day Delivery*
2 Year Set Guarantee
Product Brand:   Lincat
Product Code:   DF36
Product Condition:   New
Width:  300 mm
Height:  335 mm
Silverlink Half Size Basket
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List £620.00

£341.78 ex VAT
410.13 inc VAT)
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Manufacturer :Lincat
Model Reference :DF36
Number of Oil Tanks :Single
Oil Tanks Capacity :9 Ltrs
Number of Oil Tanks :Single
Basket Size :
Performance:26 Kg per hour
Dimensions:300 mm wide x 600 mm deep x 335 mm High
Power - Kwh:6
Power Supply:Single phase
Weight:18 Kg

Front mounted controls ensure safe working proactive
Hinged element with safety cut-out provides easy access to tank for cleaning
High quality grade 304 stainless steel fryer tanks
Thermostatic control with fail-safe top temperature cut out maintains accurate oil temperature
Heavy duty double nickel plated spun wire baskets, batter plates and stainless steel lids
Front drain taps with straight drain pipe for fast, easy drainage of oil
Cool zone collects cooking debris
Recommended batch weights 1.5 Kg (per basket)
Alternative half size basket available
Doughnut fryer kit available
Gas or Electric Fryer?
Electric Fryers : are cheaper to buy and suitable for low to medium volume needs. If the kitchen is churning out high volumes of fried product, particularly chips, then gas-powered fryers may be dearer to buy, but will cheaper to run. However, there have been advances in the technology of electric fryers and the operation cost and performance between gas and electric can be negligible.
Gas Fryers : Servicing costs may be slightly more expensive because of the need to check the gas system. If the inclination is towards gas fired fryers; there are three heating systems with no clear choice on which is the best option. Tube burners have wide tubes running across the lower inside of the fry tank. Inside the tubes are gas jets which transfer the heat into the oil through the tube wall. The second gas system is to have a big bank of gas jets concentrated on the exterior of the fry tank while the third, is a system using infra-red heaters, which give a high output of heat.
Gas fryers require a canopy with a gas interlock system - additional costs if you do not have a system already in place
What is a Cool Zone
Due to the high gas heat transfer to oil you can experience oil burn especially where food debris lies at the bottom of the tank, the intense heat can carbonize the food tainting the oil. Some manufacturers have overcome this by depressing the bottom of the fryer below the heat source, debris falls into this cool zone (may be up to 30 deg C below the fry temperature ) and preventing carbonization. Electric fryers do not have such a problem with oil tainting although some large models still have a cool zone.
Deep Frying Food
Since deep-frying involves submerging food in hot, liquid fat, it might take some time to get used to the idea that it's actually a form of dry-heat cooking. But if you've ever seen the violent reaction of hot oil to even a tiny drop of water, you know that oil and water are a couple of opposites that want nothing to do with each other. Even though fat can take a liquid form, it really is considered a solid thus dry heat.
Maintain Constant Temperature
Assuming they've been cooked properly, deep-fried items should actually have very little oil on them. Proper deep-frying technique requires maintaining the oil's temperature between 325°F and 400°F. Most oils will start to smoke at temperatures higher than that.

Below is a table that shows the smoke points for several of the most common cooking fats and oils. In some cases you'll see a range of temperatures rather than a single smoke point, because of different degrees of refinement among numerous brands of oils as well as other variations.
Smoke Points of Fats and Oils
Vegetable Shortening (Hydrogenated) 160°C (325°F)
Butter 175°C (350°F)
Lard 190°C (375°F)
Olive Oil 160°C - 190°C (325°F - 375°F)
Corn Oil 200°C - 230°C (400°F - 450°F)
Canola Oil 220°C - 245°C (425°F - 475°F)
Clarified Butter 230°C - 245°C (450°F - 475°F)
Sunflower Oil 230°C - 245°C (450°F - 475°F)
Soybean Oil 230°C - 245°C (450°F - 475°F)
Safflower Oil 245°C - 260°C (475°F - 500°F)


Standard Delivery Costs :FREE UK Mainland
Standard Delivery Timescale:2 - 3 working days (Monday to Friday)
STANDARD DELIVERY - Unrestriced pavement drop access, unless specified and agreed in writing.
Delivery Option :Next working day delivery available
Delivered next working day option available on confirmed orders before 12pm (excludes Highlands)
Unpack and Position:Call to discuss


Guarantee :2 Year Set Guarantee
Parts Guarantee:2 years included
Labour Guarantee :2 years included

Have you ever thought of leasing your equipment and spreading the payment costs?

Leasing your equipment has a number of significant benefits.
  • Affordable Monthly Repayments - allowing you to plan your budgets
  • Quality Assets - While leasing an asset, the ownership of the asset still lies with the lessor whereas the lessee just pays the monthly expense. Given this agreement, it becomes plausible for a business to invest in good quality assets which might look unaffordable or expensive otherwise.
  • VAT is paid on each monthly payment, saving a large upfront VAT payment.
  • Tax Benefits - Lease payments are considered as operating expenses, and hence, of interest, are 100% tax deducible -  See example below

Tax Relief Example Leasing V Upfront Purchase
1st 18% of £1,000.00 = £180.00     
Less 20% = £36.00
1st 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22
£1000 - £180 allowance = £820
18% of £820.00 = £147.60

Less 20% = £29.52
2nd 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22
£820 - £147.60 allowance = £672.40
18% of £672.40 = £121.03

Less 20% = £24.21
3rd 12 rentals of £35.92
Less 20% = £86.22


 Calculations Based On:

Equipment Price               £1000.00 plus VAT

Lease Term                     36 Months

Company’s Tax Rate       20% 

The above is an example, we recommend you speak direct to your own accountant regarding calculating your tax benefits.

Would you like a free no obligation quote?  - Click Here of call 01743 289418 for more information.

Please note leasing is available subject to credit approval.

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