A juicer can be an invaluable addition to commercial businesses with high demand for fruit juices or cocktails such as smoothie bars, cafes, resort caterers and professional restaurants. Built with high speed motors and extremely easy to use, each fruit juicer is capable of handling the tough conditions of a commercial kitchen, with both hand pressed and machine-fed models available for use depending on your level of demand.




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Chefmaster Juice Extractor HEA892
310 mm (w) x 211 mm(d) x 415 mm
£76.99 ex vat
Santos Classic Citrus Juicer
130W Motor.1500rpm
£219.94 ex vat
Chefmaster Citrus Juicer HEA872
280 mm (w) x 200 mm(d) x 370 mm
£275.76 ex vat
Waring Juicer 6001X
330W Motor
£310.40 ex vat
Santos Automatic Citrus Juicer
230W Motor.1500-1800rpm
£352.94 ex vat
Chefmaster Automatic Juicer HEA873
238 mm (w) x 467 mm(d) x 531 mm
£422.65 ex vat
Santos High Output Juicer SC-50
Output:100Ltr/hr.600W Motor
£785.94 ex vat
Santos Centrifugal Juicer Miracle Edition
Output:140Ltr/hr.1.3kW Motor
£1,588.93 ex vat
Santos Cold Press Juicer 65A
650W. Speed 5-80rpm
£2,517.48 ex vat