Ice Cream Machines

Everybody loves a big bowl of ice cream - and what could be better than making your own ice cream? Ice cream makers have grown increasingly popular over the last few years.
Not only do the results often taste better than shop-bought ice cream, but they allow you to control exactly what goes into your dessert: important for those who want to avoid additives, or are watching their calorie intake

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Ice Cream Machines
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Nemox Gelato Chef 5L Automatic 10452-01
Bowl volume 2.5 Litrs
1.5 Litres ma x ingredients
3 Litres/2Kg per hour
£930.94 ex vat
Nemox 10444-01 Gelato 4K Touch Automatic
Bowl volume : 2.5 Litrs
Ma x Ingredients volume 1.4 Kg
Cycles per hour : 4
Output per hour : 5.6 Litres / 4Kg per Hour
£1,385.80 ex vat
Bowl volume : 3.2 Litres
Max ingredients volume : 1.75 Litres
Cycles per hour : 4
7 Litres / 5Kg per Hour
£1,975.00 ex vat
Nemox 10446-01 GELATO 5K CREA Sc
Bowl volume : 3.2 Litres
Ma x ingredients : 1.75 Litrs
Batches per hour : 4
Hourly output : 7 Litres / 5Kg per Hour
Automatic all in one ice cream machine
£2,424.00 ex vat