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Chafing Fuel Holder with Damper - C463
Compatible with all of our chafers and chafing fuels.
£6.00 ex vat
Chafing Dish Lid Support - CB722
For K408, K409 & U007
18/0 stainless steel.
£6.51 ex vat
Spare Food Pan for CN607 - CN931
3.7Ltr pan for CN607
Colour: Silver
£9.77 ex vat
Spare Food Pan for U008 - CB728
9Ltr Pan for U008
Colour: Silver
£25.75 ex vat
Milan Chafing Set - K409
Colour: Silver.
£35.16 ex vat
Olympia Electric Chafer Element - AF355
Olympia Electric Chafer Element for GD128
£42.01 ex vat
Spare Food Pan for U009 - CB726
6Ltr Pan for U009
Colour: Silver
£51.27 ex vat
Roll Top Chafing Dish - CD61
1/1 Gastronorm pan 60mm deep
£59.99 ex vat
Olympia Electric Chafing Dish - CM266
362 (H) x 638 (W) x 347 (D) mm
Capacity: 13.5Ltr
£97.50 ex vat