What size ice machine do I need?
Ice makers are defined by their production capacity per 24 hours and their ice storage capacity. Before choosing your machine use the table below as a guide to calculate how much ice you will need.

Venue – approx recommended ice guide

  • Bar – 1.4 Kg per person
  • Restaurant – 0.8 Kg per person
  • Fast Food Outlet – 0.23 kg per person
  • Catering – 0.4 kg per person
  • Cafeteria – 0.4 kg per person
  • Salad bar – 18 Kg per cubic foot

Do I need a drain pump?
A drain pump is required when the waste services are higher than the drain outlet of the ice machine.  Placing the machine on a stand may allow for gravity drainage.

What water pressure do I need?
For your machine to operate to the best of its ability you’ll need a water pressure of 1bar (14psi) – 6bar (84psi).
Anything less or more than this will adversely affect ice production. If you have low water pressure consider purchasing an external booster pump; if you have high water pressure consider a restrictor valve.

What temperatures do ice makers operate within?
The minimum temperature that an air-cooled ice machine will work at is 10°C; the maximum temperature is 43°C.
For water-cooled models the minimum water temperature is 3°C and the maximum 32°C.

Do ice makers need ventilation to operate?
As a general rule, you should allow 200mm at the rear of the machine and at least 50mm to the sides and top.

Bin Storage

The ice machine will stop creating ice once the bin storage is full – if you have a machine capable of making 24 kgs of ice in 24 hours – and only a 6 kg bin storage – once the bin storage is full the ice machine will stop working until the bin has been emptied.  You may want to store spare ice in the freezer ready for peak times.

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Self-contained Ice Machine

Self-contained icemakers incorporate an ice-production system and ice storage bin into one machine. The smallest machine of the range produces 20Kg/24hrs and stores up to 4Kg, while the largest produces up to 155Kg/24hrs and stores up to 65Kg.

Modular Ice Machine

Modular ice systems have a separate production and ice storage unit (or ice bin). Modular ice production volume starts from 90Kg/24hrs and goes up to 1000Kg/24hrs. Ice storage units vary from 100Kg to 350Kg capacity.