What is the difference between a domestic fridge and a catering fridge?
Domestic fridge and a commercial fridge look similar, but are not.
Domestic Fridges The power of the compressor is designed around the few number of times a domestic fridge door is opened during the day. A quite modestly-powered compressor will be able to cope with the heat gain without food safety risks. The construction of both the cabinet and the motor is only robust enough for light domestic use, so used in a commercial environment, not only do they pose a food safety hazard, they need replacing far more often than commercial fridges, so are not even cost effective.
Commercial Fridges These commercial catering fridges are designed to work in a busy working kitchen, the door is going to be opened very regularly and probably be exposed to a far hotter kitchen. The compressor needs to be powerful enough to rapidly pull down the internal fridge temperature to replace heat loss.
Most commercial fridges also incorporate fans for fast draw down time and evenly spread the cool air through the cabinet, a feature domestic fridges do not have. Commercial fridges are better insulated, designed for easy cleaning and some are able to electronically record temperatures.

In addition to fridges for the catering kitchen, take a look at commercial display fridges – the fan assisted cooling allows fast pull down of the temperatures, particularly useful for new products added to the fridge ie back bar bottle coolers.

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