Hot beverages offer some of the best profit margins in catering, ingredients costing a few pence and a beverage selling in excess of one pound. On Demand Hot water is essential for every catering operation used for hot drinks to chefs needing quick hot water supply. Here are some common FAQ’s
Wall Mounted or Counter Top Counter top  water boilers tend to cost a little less and are easier to install. (Most use a 13 amp plug and so you don’t need a qualified electrician to hard-wire them in.) Counter top water boilers generally have the option of a drip tray – handy for over spill and easy to empty. The down-side is they take up valuable counter space and are less flexible in use.

Wall mounted water boilers are handy as they don’t take up valuable counter top work space.  Easy to use if you need to fill large mugs or cafeterias etc as you can create a larger access under the tap.  On the downside wall mounted water boilers are usually hard wired (by an electrician) and don’t usually have a drip tray to catch those over spills etc.
How many people will the water boiler serve, at times of peak demand and on an hourly basis? If you work on 1 litre or 4 mugs, thinks about whether you have fixed breaks or not. For example, a school with 20 teaching staff all needing a cuppa at morning break would need a boiler with at least a 5 litre draw off. An office with a staff of 40 people but where the breaks are not fixed, could easily manage with a 3 litre boiler. Don’t forget meetings etc where there may be a high spot-demand.
What are you filling? Cups and mugs or air pots and urns? All water boilers can fill cups and mugs, but if you are filling larger vessels, you will either need a taller counter top model or a wall mounted water boiler.
Draw Off It is important to understand the actual draw off the water boiler is capable as this is the amount of water available for immediate use. Calculate how much water you will require during your busy periods when assessing the right water boiler for you.
Heat up time Check heat up times from cold, as this may be important, different models and capacity take different times to initially heat up the water from cold before use.
Water filters Filters are necessary to reduce lime scale build up any odours and ensure your customer experiences the right taste from their beverage.
Free to all or restricted access? Can all staff / patients / visitors help themselves to hot water, or do you require a lockable push-button dispense; for example in care homes, shared-use venues etc?

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