Month: October 2016

How to Descale/Clean Marco Water Boiler Tank

Applies to : All Marco Water Boilers

How to Descale Water Tank and Clean Water Level Probes
It is a common occurrence for limescale to build up in the tank of a water boiler. The amount of limescale build up is relative to the water hardness in a particular area.

The most common error indication on a boiler is the Ready light giving two red flashes between pauses, indicating that water can’t be seen in the tank. This can be caused by a number of issues, most commonly, limescale or film build up on the water level probes.
Descaling Procedure:
 Isolate machine from power supply.
 Isolate machine from water supply.
 Drain water from machine.
 Remove all lids.
 Remove as much scale as possible by hand, paying particular attention to level probes (White plastic with steel tab). Be very careful not to damage any attachments.
 Use ScaleKleen, Marco part No. 8000270 or similar. Follow instructions carefully.
 Thoroughly clean and flush the machine before re-use.
 Follow installation and first time operation instructions
NB: Always clean the water level probes after descaling and rinsing the tank.
To Clean Water Level Probes:
 Turn off unit at wall socket or unplug from wall socket
 Remove top cover from boiler
 Remove tank lid from tank
 Identify water level probes – flat metal tabs inside water tank, normally 2 or 3 probes
 Dispense as much water from unit as possible using tap
 Thoroughly clean probes with ScotchBrite or scouring pad
 Replace tank lid and top cover
 Reconnect power to boiler and operate as normal


Looking for an upright Ice Cream freezer?

Upright ice cream frezer

Take a look at the new Mercutus D1-720 upright ice cream freezer designed specifically for storage of 5 litre napoli pans containing either ice cream or gelato. The freezer holds a total of 44 5-litre napoli pans. The D1-720 can either be used for low temperature (-20°C) storage or for tempering. This is where you bring the ice cream up to serving temperature (normally around -15°C).

Ice cream should not be warmed to serving temperature too quickly. the D1-720 is an ideal storage units from which to transfer into your ice cream display at the ideal serving temperature.

The solid door upright freezer is a real alternative to our usual display ice cream freezers.

Lincat introduces new generation of advanced combi steamers

Lincat recently introduced a new generation of advanced Opus SelfCooking Combi Ovens. The range includes a new compact model, the Opus SelfCooking Center® XS, which delivers all the power, intelligence and efficiency of its full sized counterparts, from a minimum of floor space.

With a footprint of just 550mm x 655mm, the Lincat Opus SelfCooking Center® XS is a 6 x GN2/3 unit, which incorporates all the features and functionality of the larger GN1/1 and GN2/1 models. Perfect for even the smallest kitchen, it can be sited on a counter top or optional wall brackets or floor stands. When combined with a matching UltraVent fume and condensation hood, the XS can be built into any installation, making it great for front of house applications.

Lincat introduces heavy-duty Opus 800 range

Lincat Opus 800

Lincat have launched a collection of no fewer than 12 oven ranges as part of its new Opus 800 series of prime cooking equipment. Constructed on strong steel chassis, with heavy duty components, Opus 800 oven ranges are built to withstand the rigours of the busiest commercial kitchen.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from including: gas, electric or dual fuel; burners, plates or solid tops; side opening or drop down doors. Each new oven range combines a stylish, streamlined look with reliable UK engineering to deliver enhanced performance, output, energy efficiency and serviceability. And, for the first time, Lincat has introduced a powerful induction top range to the series.

The new induction hob top has 5kW induction zones, providing 270mm diameter induction cooking areas. Automatic pan detection function cuts power when no pan is present, preventing harm to users, while saving energy, and 6mm thick high impact resistant glass ceramic surface will withstand hard knocks and is easy to clean.

Opus 800 hob tops are available in gas or electric, and can be supplied as standalone boiling tops. With single heavy-duty cast iron pan supports, the gas models are equipped with powerful 7.5kW open burners with dual concentric rings, to provide focused heat distribution from a low simmer to a high heat, whatever the pan size. Electric models feature fully pressed and sealed hob tops to facilitate cleaning, and heavy-duty, square or round cast iron 2.6kW hotplates to deliver fast responsive heat.

The new Opus 800 oven ranges are equipped with large, powerful ovens, ranging from 6kW to 9.5kW, with the capacity to hold up to 6 x GN1/1. All are fan assisted, giving uniform heat and consistent cooking results, and each has a removable oven base for easy cleaning. Double insulated doors, side and back panels also allow for safe operation, efficiency and economy.

Although deeper (at 800mm) than the Opus 700 range it replaces, minimal extra space is required for Opus 800 equipment, as it sits flush to the wall with a recess for connection to gas and electricity supply. Products are also quick and easy to service, as there is no need to pull out of the line for maintenance, meaning disruption is kept to a minimum. Individual items of equipment provide service access through the front or top wherever possible. Castors are fitted as standard, so pulling units out for deeper cleaning is effortless.