Recommended Temperature Guide
Please note apart from Blast Chillers & Freezers, all refrigerated storage and chilled display cabinets are holding cabinets, i.e. designed to store or display pre-chilled or pre-frozen foods only. Heated display cabinets are designed to hold pre-heated foods.
Display cabinets are designed for short-term display of foods, after service, chilled food should be moved to a chilled storage cabinet.

Type of Food Recommended Temperature
HOT FOODS 65°C (minimum 63°C)
CHILLED FOODS 3 / 5C (maximum 8°C)
FRESH MEAT -2 / +2°C
FRESH FISH -1 / +1°C *
FROZEN FOODS -18 / -22°C
SOFT SCOOP ICE CREAM -12 / -18°C (depends on type of ice cream)
CANS & BOTTLED BEVERAGES Personal choice (generally 1 / 10°C)
WHITE WINE Personal choice (generally 4 / 12°C)
RED WINE Personal choice (generally 14 / 20°C)


* Only specific cabinets control humidity and are designed to resist corrosion
The above are given for guidance only.

Fridges have a climate class, this tells you the range of ambient room temperature the fridge can operate within.

Climate Class 3 – ambient of 25 °C with 60% RH
Climate Class 4 – ambient of 30 °C with 55% RH
Climate Class 5 – ambient of 40 °C with 40% RH


N Class (temperature class) – ambient of +16 °C and +32 °C.
SN Class (extended temperature class) – ambient of +10 °C and +32 °C.
ST Class (sub-tropical class) -ambient of +18 °C and +38 °C.
T Class (Tropical class) – ambient of +18 °C and +43 °C.

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